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A.  Installation Activities

The man power required from a small assignment of 100 man hours to a large Plant requiring 100,000 man hours is available along with all necessary tools and tackles. The job is executed in a scientific way involving all Time and Cost Control methods. The S-Curve, Manpower build up, Progress monitoring curves are used to monitor medium and large installation sites.
B. Testing / Commissioning / Trouble Shooting Activities

We are one of the most competent professionals in this field. Having dealt with challenging assignments during the past so many years, we feel quite comfortable in handling such jobs. All the jobs are properly executed according to check lists and results are documented on Standard Performas.
We perform Relay Testing by Secondary Injection, Checking of interlocking, High Pot Test of cables and Switchgears, testing of Pressure, Temperature and flow loops, and System Optimization. Testing / Commissioning / Troubleshooting services are available for following equipment.

11 KV System

  • M.V. Panels
Testing by secondary injection, checking of Interlocks, general checking.
  • Transformers
Testing of winding resistence, checking of protection relays, oil centrifuging.
  • L.V SwitchBoards
Checking of interlocks, protections and general circuitry.
  • PFI Panels
PFI penalties, checking of working.
  • Motors control Centers
Checking of controls / protection, general servicing.
  • Process interlocking
Checking of Interlocking chain.
  • Motors & Generators
Checking of motor winding resistance, insulation resistance, excitation problems, generator synchronizing.
132 KV System
  • Motorized Isolators
Contact alignment, interlocks, travelling adjustment.
  • SF-6 Circuit Breakers
Routine / preventive maintenence, checking of protection circuitry.
  • Power Transformers
Checking of protections, oil dielectric Strength, Tap changer operation.
  • Relays Panels
Protection checking, setting of relays in steps.
  • Control Panels
Checking of interlocks, Circuit modification.
  • Typical System Protection
Checking of protection relays, incorporation of new relays.
400 V Systems
  • Motor Control Centre
  • Interlocking circuit
  • Synchronizing Machine
  • Battery Chargers
  • Conventional
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Hard wire control
  • Boiler Control System
  • Pressure loops
Checking by simultation, functioning in auto Mode.
  • Temperature loops
Checking by simultation, functioning in auto Mode.
  • Flow controls
Checking by simultation, functioning in auto Mode.
  • Process Automation.
Automatic designing of system functioning to achieve various objectives
  • Wight feeder
Engineering setting & Optimization
  • Recorders / Analyzers
Recording of various parameters, their simulation objectives
  • Programmable Logic Control
Software development for process control,
  • Digital Control Systems
DCS systems, troubleshooting, simulation, etc
Variable Speed Drives
  • Variable speed AC Motorswith Inverters
System optimization, checking of circuits.
  • Variable speed DC Motors
Optimization of speed and currents loops.
  • High Tension Slip Ring Motors
Checking of controls, starters and affiliated equipment.
Synchronous Machine Asynchronous Machine.
  • Automatic voltage Controller
  • Over head cranes
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Kiln firing & control system
  • Motor Control Circuit
  • Cameras
  • Battery Charges
  • Packing Plant
Power Houses / Power Generating Sets
  • Turbo Alternators
Checking of functions, voltage Buildup problems, excitation Problems
  • Synchronizing Panels
Synchronizing problems, load sharing, checking of circuitry
  • Auto Mains Failure Panels
Designing/supply of AMF
panel, checking of functions.
Medium & Large Size PowerHouses with Latest Programmable Techniques is our special field. Any problem in parallel operation, synchronization can be handled with confidence.

PLC Based Systems

PLC based process controls involving complex interlocking and system chains are handled by us. SCADA System, Central Control Room, DCS Systems can be Commissioned successfully.

O.H. Lines / Underground Cabling

Any distribution network involving 11KV overhead lines or underground cables can be handled from supply to commissioning stage without any complication. We have experience to execute such projects speedily.

Customer Advisory Service.

It is special service group. Any problem with the running plant such as too many shut downs, too many break downs, damaging of motors, problems not traceable or anything that is bothering you can be left to us. We will have most appropriate and timely solution for you. The people with experience of handling all complicated problems shall definitely come up to your expectations. It may be modification in your existing plant or setting up a new plant, our services can produce desired results.


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